Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


As though we had never noticed this before: a door, once opened, can be closed again. Our baby’s delirious love of doors has now been enlarged by this possibility. For days on end, on his sliding, tottering, rambling path through our apartment, he has opened or tried to open every door he encounters, but suddenly the opposite procedure gives him more pleasure. To accomplish this, he does not use the door handle, which is too highly placed for him, nor is he stretching to reach it. He presses the door in its frame with both hands, or slaps against it, again with both hands, lightly at first, then more forcefully, until it falls shut with a bang. His pleasure in shutting seems greater to us than it is in the act of opening, perhaps because opening requires more skill, concentration, and practice, while shutting is accomplished with a little force and sufficient impetus. His pride is greater in opening a door, while in closing it there is more pleasure and joy. Doors separate and connect rooms – we imagine it must be a basically shocking experience (which eventually matures into understanding) as well as a fascinating one (which can open up all sorts of possibilities later), and that the point of it becomes surprisingly obvious very quic kly. In our opinion (less yours than mine) there is a connection between our baby’s young ability to open and close doors and the pleasure he finds in withholding his arm when we try to put on his sweater: with a teasing look our baby chuckles and has us staring clueless into the black depths of his sweater’s arm (to discover a loose stitch in the fabric that was so beautifully knitted).




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