Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


I am grateful for this time. In two respects. First, that I am able to experience what I am experiencing with our baby: the pleasure and the duty (mainly the duty: strange!) of following this smallest and most inconspicuous of masters and the impossibility of straying from this path. Second, that I even have the time for this! The time! Did I just take it? The conditions were propitious or else I (we) made them propitious. That was a kind of advance practice or anticipatory practice (the only one) our baby assigned to us before his birth: See to it that the conditions are favorable! Take your time! Take it! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t take it. That was like a small, friendly encouragement and a call to arms against time-consuming, time-killing conditions, against the kind of paradoxical life model that produces and is the product of time famine. Already before his birth our baby began attesting his ability to take all the time in the world for his own development and success. Without any secondary consideration he determined the time of his birth, and he has been living this way ever since. Whenever we try to interfere with his time, he rebels instantly, a rebellion to which we immediately submit. And then we are amazed at our baby’s impatience when his food does not arrive at the table (in his mouth) soon enough, at the scolding, the screams of rage spurring us on, exerting us to not just hurry but rush (to the point of sweating), and ask ourselves, how is it possible that we are grateful even for this hustling.  



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