Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


And again and again we hastily slip back into the adult’s perspective, from which we believe (abetted by a little compulsion, belief and superstiton) we must observe our baby.In doing so often enough, the baby himself slips away from us. Back to the baby’s perspective? But one perspective or the other is not the alternative. And if it is the alternative, it is not important for us. The opening of doors is happening at the right moment (our baby has caught fire. He stretches as far as he can to reach every door handle. This stretching is a glorious act of self-transcendence: who among us could do the same?): this is not a law and has noting to do with a theory about the phases and moments of a baby’s right development. The right moment inheres in the act and can be observed if we abandon every kind of perspective: it is a mystery that can be experienced, concrete, in front of our eyes (enough! Here is another instance when we ought to put brakes on our enthusiasm. No sooner have we learned something than we already stop stretching. To ensure that this does not happen, we observe our baby again, and again, approaching a door, stretching and stretching, and opening it).




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