Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


And our master is growing. It’s strange that we (still) hold to the opinion that a master is someone who has grown up. But the grownups are us (you, me) and we are truly not masters (which does not mean that we think little of ourselves). Maybe, we think, our master’s growth (in speed, in size, in persistence) corresponds to our growing comprehension as students, but this we immediately reject, for it would put the baby’s original perfection in question or even make it seem implausible. Our baby doesn’t make it easy for us: He can’t possibly be less perfect now than in the beginning. So it’s like this: He is as perfect in the beginning as he is now, and from the beginning he grows and has not ceased to grow even now. What that means to us is that his perfection and his growth go together. And what does that mean for ourselves, his grownup students? (No one is watching, so we turn for help to our baby’s ear. We are not in agreement as to whether his ear resembles your ear more than mine, or your father’s ear or my mother’s. That is something only the future will tell, possibly with an utterly surprising result. At any rate, we realize now: the lesson of growth is reaching us too early.)



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