Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


If we’re asked what we’re doing (the baby, you, I) the answer is, not much, strictly speaking we’re doing nothing, nothing at all. Apart from a few important things, we walk around without purpose. In fact, by now we’re taking care of even the most important things in the same way that we do the meaningless ones. Although — there really aren’t any meaningless things, although — there aren’t any important things. In short, we don’t do much, yet we experience a lot. With a side glance at our baby with his sidelong glance (he’s looking at a recently heat-insulated wall with a sign: “No leaning of bicycles here!” — at nothing, that is, that might serve as an experience), we say: it seems to us as though we had only recently started to experience things. Ever since the birth of our baby, little by little (because we’re slow learners) we have found our way into doing nothing, which is actually the richest kind of doing there can be, and now it would be hard for us to stop doing nothing. It is an unbelief that we share with some parents (but many have already fallen away from it), the unbelief of our contentment in not-doing, which is impervious to any activity we may undertake (after all, we are pursuing our professions, albeit with somewhat shortened work hours). So we can say without exaggeration: We have never been busier than today.



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