Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


A look into the future: We recognize you, baby. We will never lose this ability (however much the baby you are now will one day be obscured, diluted, or dissolved within you). We will never not recognize you, your outer appearance will never deceive us. This face, your baby face, guarantees us a lifelong rediscovery. That this certainty has set in already is a fact we attribute to the immortality of your face (some things will die in you, your baby face is not one of them). Isn’t it incredible how easily we become prophets if we just contemplate a (your) face extensively? (What kind of face do you actually have? A softness moulded by your firm gaze; high cheekbones, a broad snub nose, the high vault of your forehead, supported by strong, light brown eyebrows, a fulsome mouth that has been more than once been foretold a future rich in the joys of kissing, a distinctive rounding in the great roundness of the whole face, the eyes blue and blurring into gray, large and open under long lashes — is that all that convinces us that we recognize you?)




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