Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


We notice how forgetting has prevailed (secretly, but not insidiously), a process that seems to have formed a mysterious conspiracy with our baby’s memory. No sooner has a day passed than we find it hard to remember it. Not because it is so similar to the other days, not because today was so different from yesterday. Even the uniqueness of a day does not help us to retain something from it (that would be more than something). We will not be able to prevent what we already anticipate (and which people all around us confirm): these first months of our baby will shrink in retrospection to something smaller than a single day. And due to a peculiar, parallel simultaneity, the baby too will forget this time and retain no more of it than the mere fact time itself. While to us forgetting seems to be a loss, for our baby it will prove to be a gain. In order for him to develop and thrive, he won’t need this kind of memory, which we are so loathe to lose, at all. What is essential for his life he will retain without remembering it. Now we understand for the first time why we ourselves are in such need of forgetting, need what we feel is a palpable loss, just as much as we need memory (the tremendous swaths of fat that still envelop, grace, adorn our baby’s thighs, thighs that by now are almost chronically proving their resilience). 



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