Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


It’s disconcerting how slowly and almost unwillingly the baby finally takes notice of the other babies and cautiously recognizes them (a small gathering on the rug, babies, mothers, fathers. Apple slices, pieces of banana, spelt biscuits. Fennel tea and water. Sitting on the floor is extraordinarily easy: we’re almost floating. Where else can one sit together so comfortably?). It can’t be said that life face to face with one’s own kind (that the other babies are babies is something babies recognize instantly) begins with a great deal of trust. Some aversion is involved, but to a much greater degree it’s indifference. The aversion may be due to waking up, the slow slide out of the baby-cocoon (we can’t imagine it: it’s a gliding in all directions), and it will accompany the babies all their lives: these others who are like oneself, who needs them, who wanted them to exist? The indifference is great, but has already been shrinking for quite a while (two hands reaching for a little ball are simply one hand too many), and not to let it shrink too quickly is the greatest challenge for the parents. Social contact (which everyone thinks is so worthy of being encouraged that speeding it up seems a good idea): let it make its own way on its own terms; for the babies will have need of this treasure of indifference later on. (Haven’t we been trying to regain it for some time now? This is an arduous task and almost as impossible as becoming a baby again.)




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