Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


What is intangible about our baby can only be his becoming (instantly we notice the insufficiency of this concept, but we can’t think of another). Considering only the two of us (you, me), how much more tangible we are, how easy to recognize, how constant, how unchanging. You know me, I know you (all things considered). There are only few moments when our aging and passing moves into the present. There is little in the way of our calling ourselves eternal beings. At any rate, we content ourselves with what we reveal to each other, we are not mysterious and are almost unhidden; we are good at holding on to each other (even when we are separated for days and nights). How different from our baby. We virtually have to convince ourselves of his existence, through touch and with words, it is so hard for us (no matter how tired we may be) to interrupt his presence, and again and again we point something out to ourselves that we have either overlooked or misinterpreted. We are not at all as sure of our baby as we would like to think, but neither do we doubt him (as we do ourselves at times), because our doubt is too small for his way. And so sometimes, today, now, we are pilgrims and our baby is the oracle. He lifts the stone (which he found somewhere), holds it out to us and we understand: This is how we see it today, tomorrow we will see it completely differently.



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