Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


It is the first time that we don’t know (for just a few moments) where our baby is. We have lost sight of him, and not only the sight of him. We do not limit the feeling that grips us by assuring each other that of course we know where our baby is (just a moment ago he was pulling at the drawer of the baby changer, we had just left the room to read an SMS, he must still be in the bedroom, the furthest he could have crawled is the kitchen … ). The moment of loss is too precious for us to allow it to vanish (dissolve) with a quick reassurance. We prefer to set out in search of our baby. We search for the baby. Seek it. Are convinced we will find it (not because we know that he couldn’t have disappeared).  We search out of conviction. (The baby is squatting behind the open bathroom door and is examining the cracks between the tiles with his fingernails. He doesn’t notice us.)






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