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Sometimes I converse with our baby. Usually at times when we are tired together (but not so tired that our thoughts are paralyzed, on the contrary, the tiredness refreshes our thoughts). Is it true, I whisper into our baby’s soft ear, that there is not much time left for us to be together and I need to hurry up in order to find out all that needs to be learned? About you, about us? Our time seems so plentiful to me, so bounteous, so endless, and then I almost feel panicked that I could fritter away this time, not make the most of it. Yes, I think, I will overlook many things, fail to understood almost everything, allow the abundance to pass away. But how can it be that despite all my fears I enjoy every moment with you and that it seems to me that I am deriving the greatest benefit from this enjoyment? I wouldn’t like to believe that these two sides go together! Are you saying I can now see for myself that speed is worth a try?






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