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One more walk at dusk (the baby, I). The stroller pulls to the right (a wheel needs replacing). The sky is violet, the air is mild, windless (only the birds aren’t singing). We visit the church (the baby on my arm, the stroller stays in the forecourt). An Advent service is about to begin, you are already singing, we’re causing a disturbance (says a pair of stern eyes). We move on to the chess players, who are pondering the moves of their figures without looking to the side (floor chess). We briefly dive into the darkness of the park, only a little mouse crosses our path. On the other side of the street we visit the empty Italian open-air restaurant. Right away you want get out of the stroller and examine on your knees the colorful floor lights and put them out by covering them with your hands. In the elevator to the subway we meet again with a neighbor who is letting himself be taken underground a second time. Two boys on skateboards tear up the evening, racing down the one-way street in the wrong direction. All people are in search of community. When you are asleep, I carry you upstairs.







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