Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


oder über den Online-Buchhandel

Self-knowledge is a simple matter, we think, the baby shows us everything we need to know about what and how we are. Is there anything or anyone more neutral, less prejudiced than our baby when it comes to self-knowledge (and why didn’t we think of this before)? Every day we practice self-knowing; if we didn’t want to do that, we would have to treat ourselves very badly (we would have to force ourselves to not be who we are; which is something we are actually capable of, as we have already found out). Our baby, we think, shaking our head in disbelief (he is forming sounds with his mouth, quietly, just for himself, as if we were not with him, or as if he didn’t care, or rather, as if neither our presence nor our absence had anything to do with it. And this mouth, forming sounds, is a suckling mouth. Yes, it really is so, when the mouth forms sounds it is suckling; of course, all utterance is suckling!).  

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