Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


Is this is an egoistic thought? The wish arises that our baby might be spared the development of an individual personhood and personality. We are not at odds with our own person (yours, mine) or our own personality (yours, mine) – the wind of egoism is not, at any rate, wafting out of this corner. We think: Couldn’t our baby stay as he is now (all is well, after all) and nevertheless mature and grow up? Couldn’t he just do without his I? Without an I we would different, completely different, or even not at all. Just to wish it feels like a sacrilege (a much more far-reaching sacrilege than the crudest genetic manipulation could be). But it is just this impossibility and inconceivability (of an I-less development) that appeals to us (so that is where the ego-wind is coming from). All the more so as our baby is looking at each of us in alternation, from one (me, you) to the other (you, me) and back (at you, at me). This exchange of glances strikes us as so new, this look that goes back and forth and that, every time it lands on us, feels like the toll of an inner bell. Which is soon followed by the gloriously egoistic wish that our baby may soon bring an I to maturity.

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