Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


And death (the baby’s outrageous proximity to it, which we noted with alarm in the beginning) has absconded. He leapfrogged across the baby, as it were, in order to hide (though maybe he won’t be the same any longer: a leap like that can change one) at the other end (far, far away). Our baby lives, he lives very vigorously (with more vigor than we do, it seems to us; one more reason to be his students). His vigor in living, here, with us, in our house, in our city, this country, this continent, this planet (no, our baby is not wandering aimlessly), cannot be overestimated: he seems to be altogether inseparable from it,he seems to be vigor itself, a miracle! (In the beginning we couldn’t see it this way, our baby had to gain this strength by conquest, persuaded death to take that leap, who knows? Now he is chewing around at the root of a violet — passionately, but with a look that does not want to acknowledge that passion — and there is nothing to prevent him from doing so.)




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