Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


How very much we are bodies (it’s so easy to forget)! Contact with our baby takes many forms but is never more intense than through the proximity of our bodies. Is there really any other kind? Is not our speaking, laughing, humming, of the body? Our glances and thoughts, our care, even our happiness? Just now it feels difficult to be aware of any other issue than that of the body. The scent of our baby may have befuddled, his gurgles besotted, the softness of his skin enchanted us, so that we are incapable of finding anything deeper, higher, or more spiritual. The body is sufficient, because there is nothing that could complete our encounter with the baby. The body separates and connects us (the baby, you, me) at the same time. However, it seems to us that all this takes place in a bigger body, and we permit ourself the gaffe of reaching for the word of a predecessor who takes the soul from the body in order to put the body into the soul. (There we are, the three of us, on a bed; who is it that call us three?)





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