Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


The looks we encounter are sometimes patronizing, sometimes disdainful (the patronizing ones merely brush past us until they settle on the baby: The cute little baby, what fun he has looking around without understanding anything, so much novelty to take in, his eyes look like saucers, so cute, this ignorance! The disdainful looks are like lightnings that strike us – how could we presume to bring a child into the world? – and incinerate us on the spot; no need to consider the air that remains of us. Both looks annoy us in equal measure, for our baby is wise and no one may dare to evade his sunlight. Both looks hurt us, make us imperfect, turn us into three worldless individuals. Our mistake is: we take these looks seriously. Our baby takes them seriously too, but in him this is a virtue. The divinity in him does not judge or punish: it meets the patronizing looks with a smile, and does not see the disdainful ones at all).

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