Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


The language we have developed between us is a common language, even though we (the baby, you, I) each speak so differently. We do not feel it is premature to ascribe language to our baby, for there is no sound that is not spoken. Nor is it right say that there is speech one side and listening on the other. The weights are differently distributed, that’s all: our baby is an excellent listener, and our speech may be more articulate. No sooner do we believe this than we are refuted by the next baby sound which we understand right away: our listening has matured — which will not fail to have an effect on our speech. However, we think, it is a private language to which we (the baby, you, I) pay homage and which we are continually developing. It’s funny, though, that we keep encountering this private language among all the young families we run into, and understand it only too well, even though it sounds utterly strange and incomprehensible to us.

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