Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


Now we’ve managed to lose sight of something after all: the whole baby! We have matured over the months, gathered knowledge and insight. We looked into many details, our knowledge grew by the day. We became good baby connoisseurs, baby researchers and devoted fans (there is nothing about our baby that could fail to interest us, his slightest breath finds a place in our files). We hardly remember the overwhelming, infinite ignorance of the beginning. Was it that of the baby or our own? At the time, were we able to distinguish between our baby’s ignorance and our own, or is it just now that we can’t (yet we remember our own little consciousness well)? Regret rises up in us that the suddenly disclosed totality of life (back in those days, the days after the birth, the early days) has given way to its regularity. Let us (in a different way) remember: that our baby was just born, just a moment ago (it couldn’t have been any more recently).


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