Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


The spark in our baby’s eye: a hidden agenda (now it flashes in our minds). Evidently it starts so early that we don’t know what our baby is thinking. He looks at us (while his hands pull at a brown woolen sock) with the same familiar openness as usual. But there is something secretive in it, about which we don’t know anything, nor will we ever find out. And yet we see this secretive quality, in fact the secretiveness is openly displayed, looks at us openly! And remains secret nonetheless! (No doubt our baby is enjoying this, is teasing us with his secret, and his ability to hide something from us and at the same display this ability gives him pleasure, that is no secret. Maybe our thinking, we think, as we too now pull a little at the brown woolen sock, maybe our thinking is one great close-to-the-vest game of hiding from itself, a secretiveness the extent of which we are just now beginning to get a sense of).



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