Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


But our we (only you, I), what sort of we is it? Our we: it sounds good (yours, mine, ours). It is no longer the same we we remember from the time when our baby was not yet with us. We have changed, everything about us was moving in the direction of this we; you, I, the couple that we once became, wanted this we. But it wasn’t only the baby that made this possible, we ourselves made it possible for ourselves. But without the baby we certainly would not have succeeded. The two of us, we think (and laugh). Yes, we, the two others we weren’t yet in the past. We carried them within us. These two who now say of themselves: we. (It’s late in the evening, our baby is asleep, we haven’t forgotten him, but have turned inward toward each other in another room, in order to get a little high, just the two of us, on our we, this we that we don’t understand yet, that we want to practice, a little secretly.)




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