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Late afternoon in the park (scattered babies with their mothers, grandparents, a number of fathers), the sun (already noticeably low in the sky), sweetness in the mellow air, through which there buzzes a warning word: Wasp (poisonous, nasty, a pest). Suddenly a man leaps up, pulls a can of insect repellant from his right pants pocket (like a Colt), and chases after one of the evil beasts, shooting small clouds of quickly evaporating spray. Where the flight of the wasp seems round and elegant, its hunter’s movements look like clownish contortions. His hunt is unsuccessful.Tired and distraught, he turns to his wife and child, and without a word they hurriedly leave the scene of vendetta (even as another wasp – or the same one – approaches it). Our clever baby (who instantly read our thoughts) says: It doesn’t matter whether the man was defending his child against a real or just an imagined attack by the wasp! (Meanwhile a wasp, moving in small circles, approaches our baby’s forehead.)

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