Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


Being a father. For almost a year now (it seems to me that being a father knows no duration; only: you are one or you’re not). It is not difficult to be a father. And this is so for a simple reason. In the past (before I was a father or even earlier) I thought that all wisdom, all knowledge, all that is good, comes from the ancient ones. It is what is called tradition, which in its old meaning means handing down, or imparting. Wisdom, knowledge, the good — fundamentally it is always already there, it must only reach the new, young people, not a straightforward process (sometimes — much less frequently than they believe — the young think they have brought something utterly new into the world, which turns out — soon, if they are lucky, not decades later — to be ancient). Being a father myself, therefore, I would have to be such a hoard of knowledge, of wisdom and of goodness that would now be passed on through me to our baby. Now that I am a father, I think differently (without rejecting my earlier view as an error).The easiness of being a father is due to the tradition of the present, the wisdom, the knowledge, the goodness of the youngest ones, the babies. With a teacher, a master like our baby, being a father is the easiest practice in the world. I am  a father (and have been for almost a year now: a time that is neither short nor long) and it seems to me that for the first time I am being something with a passion that does not diminish. 






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