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We belong to our baby (you even more than I, I suspect; then I suspect it’s me much more than you, because sometimes the two of you appear to me like two parts of the same glorious conspiracy). Yes, the baby is our sole owner, and we cannot argue with these ownership arrangements. Our baby makes it easy for us (we are still young students, after all) by doing things that seem and actually are joyful and sweet, but whose serious background (the fact that we belong to him) cannot possibly escape us (we may be young students, but we’re past the first grade). Just as the baby climbs over and on top of us in the morning when we bend and stretch our bodies with a few exercises (as though we were living on a bobbin that winds itself up during sleep until in the morning, once again, we try laboriously to unwind a few yards, enough for a day); just as the baby climbs off us (who are lying on our backs on mats), babbling as he circles us in order once again to climb atop his possession; just so is how it is both in large and small matters: we don’t belong to ourselves!





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