Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


Our baby leaves himself while sleeping. He falls asleep and after a few minutes he steps out of himself and wanders far away, we don’t know where. When he wakes up at night and we take him in our arms, he looks at us from a great distance, barely recognizing us, but just enough for this brief (apparent) awakening; he lets us know that everything is all right or that there is some trouble (somewhere where we can’t go). It is given to us to comfort and to soothe, even without knowledge of the backgrounds (once again we see how much more talent we have than we ordinarily suppose). The baby also helps us to understand our own sleep. We do not leave ourselves while sleeping, we sink deeper and deeper into ourselves, drawn by an unrelenting pull which we can only imagine as having its source in ourselves. If someone disturbs our sleep, we are awake, wide awake, after a short time and give up our sleep: that is our way of leaving ourselves. (When the nocturnal disturber of the peace is our baby, there is a meeting of two beings from two worlds in the single world of the nocturnal bedroom. Somewhat unhappily we think: we are completely different from our baby. Somewhat happily we think: our baby is completely different from us.)


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