Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


You’ve been with us for nearly a year, I think, and make no fuss about it. The desire to pause and look back is alien to you. As though you could only look back nowhere. You seem so big and strong and powerful to me and yet you are so small and weak and powerless. Through you I learn the nature of real power, which can never rest in a single person. This is how you teach us (your mother, your father): what we learn from you, you immediately practice with us. How does this practice work? This too is a mystery. You never say, do this and that, or don’t do this and don’t do that. Nevertheless we understand you exceptionally well. You teach us to look within in every matter, to search there for what is in our nature (you, who often act as if you never turn inward). There is no being that speaks to us whom we could understand better than you. We are receptive to all your teachings, because they never make us ashamed. Sometimes we no longer recognize ourselves: are we really like that? (Our baby was given a bear as a present, received it with interest as it was handed to him, honored the giver with a friendly smile, examined the bear for a while, then leaned it against a pillow, and has since excluded it from any consideration. No nudge of encouragement, no vocal prompts, no suggestion that he might appreciate the cuddly toy one more time has any effect  – he rejects them all.)

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