Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


The surge of tender emotion toward our baby is great (our basic makeup is simple: water, fire, heart, passion). Our baby moderates us; this is one of his favorite ways of practicing his mastery. We have never met anyone who can demonstrate more clearly what is conducive to his well-being. It is not our delight or exuberance that makes it hard for us to recognize this conduciveness. We are so terribly inconsistent in the use of our senses: we see what our baby likes, provided we purify our seeing of ideas, but we also don’t see when we fail to include the right idea in our seeing. It’s the same with our other senses, and we are quite upset by our difficulty in moderating our tenderness. No, no, on the contrary, we are happy that we are so able, again and again, to give and to take within measure, not too much and not too little. This is how our baby teaches us – and then he hangs on us, lays his face on ours, starts to exaggerate, truly exaggerate without measure, knocks his teeth against our knee, bangs his forehead against our nose, dribbles all over us and painfully claws at our neck (we forgot to cut his nails), carries on and yanks at us in a fury of tenderness, laughing as he does this (and slightly, just slightly, he is laughing at us).



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