Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


We put our baby to bed, hold him in our arm until he shuts his eyes and slips off into sleep, wait a few more minutes for the pact with sleep to solidify, put the baby in his Babybay (this name delights us), then quietly leave the bedroom. Abscond, sneak away: for a moment it feels like a small betrayal (calling it small makes us feel better). Why should we keep sitting here, when we are a few hours away from our own sleep, we tell ourselves (convincing ourselves of the rightness of our action), there’s no reason to watch our baby while he sleeps when we’re just one or two rooms away, nothing can happen to our baby (and yes, we’re also relieved that he’s asleep, because now we have time to take care of our own business, relieved that our duty and responsibility can take a rest along with the baby.) But that little betrayal won’t leave us in peace: our baby there, asleep, we here, awake. It’s not possible to follow anyone into sleep, we think, why should it be different with waking? 





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