Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


Sometimes we (the baby and you, the baby and I, or the three of us together) cause a disturbance or get in the way. Outside in the world. Already on the sidewalk in front of our house we take up too much space and are too slow. Crossing a street is a challenge for us, the length of the traffic light cycles is intended for speed-walkers. So we must be counted among the sick, the old, the disabled rather than the young, the healthy, the normal. Stairs, trains, doors (especially the self-closing kind), none of them were made for us. Soon the stroller (that small, light, practical vehicle) seems like monster to us. It’s better to buckle our baby to our back, hide it there, and move swiftly and agilely through the city like all the other swift and agile pedestrians. But even when being transported in this way, the baby will not release us from slowness. It’s hardly possible to be fast with the baby. Lifting him off our back to lay him down somewhere, feed him or change his diapers, takes time. And it’s hard to find a suitable place; then we’re getting in the way again, or making some kind of mess. We’re not complaining at all. To move about with the baby sharpens our senses, keeps us awake. We are happy to be in the way, but not for the sake of the others. Be your own obstacle, get in your own way, we call out (but maybe we’re just whispering it to ourselves while our baby stands between our legs)!




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