Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


This endlessly prolonged moment before the step (our baby has already made a few steps, but has maintained this moment each time). Saying that the moment is prolonged is not quire right. There’s a lack of a word for this lingering, for an inhibition that is not inhibited by anything. The baby stands and stands and stands. Then (then is one more word too many) he takes a step. Maybe one more. And another one. It seems to us that not only does nothing happen in the time between the standing and the step, but there is virtually no time at all. It seems to us that our baby is as utterly standing when he stands, and steps out as utterly when he makes a step, as we always wanted to do just about anything. To do something unconnected with what follows (or what came before). To let something happen out of itself instead of following upon something else. And not to do something until the right moment has come. Since this is not a one-off matter (is never depleted), we instantly start practicing: we stand and hold back the step we could take without effort. Our baby (he’s standing again) looks at us, wondering what we are doing. (When he looks at us like this, it frees and calms us: because our baby’s look can be so quizzical).



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