Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


Our timidity in the face of the big feelings the baby has brought out in us is diminishing. The biggest among them may be the {rediscovered) religious feelings. Seeing (and hearing) the baby as a bringer of glad tidings is still easy. What is more difficult is to extend this message to one’s own life until it becomes a ground. Without the baby (whose depiction in one church alone seems to be endlessly repeated), religious feeling has a stale and fleshless quality. With the baby it’s as if the question „What is life about?” had found its answer. But the obviousness of the answer promptly makes us wonder all over again, it’s almost as though the good questions were just starting (as though it took that one answer to get them going). But since we are rather inclined to take our time (something we’ve already learned from our baby), we content ourselves for the moment with the simpler big feelings (joy, pleasure, compassion, and a few others), and these we try out with as little restraint as possible, we happy beginners. (Our baby likes this. He likes us as beginners.)




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