Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


Sleep has not become less important, but it has lost some of its weight and power. There are some (rare) days when our baby conquers sleep, even though his tiredness does not tolerate postponement. We are not unfamiliar with this occasional struggle (and the almost dizzying pleasure of opposing sleep). To escape the narcosis of sleep now and then, the waste of time it entails, being abducted into regions where we (the wakeful, smart, rational ones) don’t feel so at home – who would not meet this wish with understanding? But today someone calls out for help (for long minutes I overheard the call, how deaf I am sometimes). I don’t know which one of us two came upon this (childishly simple) solution. Already my hand lies on the baby’s breast and my arm supports his head (thwarting his attempts to escape). The power of sleep has shifted to my hand, my arm. I hold our child firmly with gentle force, when I want to loosen my hold on him, an awkward but determined movement of the baby’s arm pushes me back to a confirmation of my grip. In this way our baby and sleep come together, quickly and peacefully. (And I whisper just to myself: sleep-arm.)



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