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Even though our baby only just ascended his throne (no, we lifted him into it), his regency began quite while ago. We never really noticed it (now, when he swings his scepter — s wooden ladle — we recognize it instantly). It’s true, we served our baby form the start, but we never saw this service, which was rendered with devotion, passion, and humility,as related to his ascension to the throne. Profane and secularized creatures that we are, we lack experience with overlords and principals in the classical sense (also with masters, whom we regard als relatives of those two). Will the baby follow the same path as we did? Did we not also once sit on this throne, in order, after so many years and decades of development, to submit to the rule of the one who sits enthroned today? What will come next? (Our baby swings his scepter with a soft wrist, designing snakelike shapes into the air. At any moment the ladle may slip out of his hand. We will immediately pick it up and give it back to him.)



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