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Occasionally something from the beginning occurs to us (that’s how far we have come already, that we remember the beginning, back then). Our baby’s first breath (we missed it in the excitement, you more than me). And then? Continuing to breathe (we too), looking at our baby. Our gaze more watery than his. We stayed awake (it was the middle of the day), our baby fell asleep. And then he slept and slept. What? For this he came into the world? To sleep? This made many things easier for us (we now see that very clearly), for we didn’t need to do anything. We couldn’t do anything (except for you: every few hours you could give him your breast). We preserved one part of the beginning for ourselves: the insight that we don’t need, and are not able, to do anything (almost anything) to promote his growth. And we also realize: that is why something happens, in fact that is the only way anything happens, when willful action does not distort it. (Our baby has awakened. Feverless. Already he has rolled over onto his belly and pushed himself up. What shall we do now?)



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