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Pride comes easily (easiest) to us. As soon as our babies are in the world, the comparisons begin. There is no end to thinking about what is good and what is bad for the babies. What is right and what is wrong. A trap one can hardly avoid stumbling into. We think about the babies who have disappeared into childcare and already we are passing judgment (sometimes we postpone judgment, weighing this against that, but ultimately judgment is passed). That is how we are: setting up ours against the other’s (against the other ours) is for us a requirement, a compulsion, a need, a habit, a pleasure, a faith. It is difficult to silence us in this respect. Strange: in this activity (comparing and judging) we mature, our senses sharpen, our conviction becomes vigorous and strong and our arrogance disappears. Suddenly we are letting the others be the others and us be ourselves (our baby’s eyes widen with astonishment at our progress. We rock him to and fro in the bathtub, pour water over his head from a cupped hand and promise him that if he wants to found a new religion, he need not fear that we will first abandon him amid the reeds).



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