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Now our baby is awake. He looks around attentively and without shyness. When his gaze focuses on something, or somebody, he holds that thing or person in a particular way. It doesn’t say you are this or that, him or her, it says: There, right there, there’s something. It penetrates this something, but in a completely different way from the way we do it. As if it could dissolve the things, the somebodies, in itself, or itself in the things and the somebodies. As if reality were not yet hardened. Our baby is awake, completely, and yet still awakening, on and on. Strange, we think, because his awakeness is no longer the glassy awakeness of the first weeks, that astonishing and also frightening all-encompassing awakeness that did not seem to recognize details (even you were not Somebody). Has the first awakeness given way to the second? Or has our baby awakened in the awakeness? Is awakeness the precondition for awakening? (Our baby looks at us winding about in our questions, and dissolves, disappears. Very briefly, but we swear, for a very, very brief moment, he disappeared.)



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