Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


oder über den Online-Buchhandel

Is our baby compatible with this world? Can he fit in? Does the world comply with him? It does not escape our notice that we habitually view the world with reservation. We doubt its goodness. Don’t consider it the best of all possible worlds. Judge it with anger, presumption, arrogance. Think: if they would only let us, our world would be more beautiful. Would be more just. Friendlier and more refined. Its impenetrability would be our program. Flowering and withering would be equivalent. There would be no distinctions which we could not distinguish. In this world one could find one’s way everywhere, and if one couldn’t, it would be just as well. It would be a world of peace and noise with regular lunch breaks (two or three hours). A world where things and ourselves would be indistinguishable. (Our baby is tearing at our hair. We have gotten our worlds confused. We accidentally slipped into our baby’s world. It wasn’t hard.)



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