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The baby endures the tooth, just as he endures the pain of its gradual advance. Nothing can stop the process of teething (we need to imagine this: something is happening in us and with us, so unavoidably that the notion of impotence in the face of this event cannot even be stated). Saliva flows in such quantities from his mouth, which is always slightly opened (sticky, elastic, thick threads that start wildly swinging with every breath and every turn of his head), that we ask ourselves if the baby is taking in enough fluids. No change takes place without pain, but pain itself seems to change in the course of life. In the beginning it is the greatest surprise and an astounding puzzle (which possibly makes it more bearable). What are you, pain? – we read the question in our baby’s eyes. We cannot answer him, try do so anyway, and for a few moments we see our reflection in the shining bubbles of spittle that are slowly gliding along our baby’s lower lip.



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