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And then I envy our baby for his ability to give himself over to tiredness (which seems to drop down on him all of a sudden) and shift to the side of sleep without delay. It’s almost as if I had forfeited my right to this obvious possibility (I tend to confront sleep with a moody, capricious attitude, stalling, negotiating, quibbling – always with good and important reasons. Or else sleep for its part withdraws from me, as if insulted). The baby regards waking and sleeping with the same consent (what else is indifference?), which is a daily puzzle to me. He doesn’t care about the difference between these two states. Surely only he knows how to do this, because he knows something that I don’t know. What could it be? (Surely it has nothing to do with the fact the baby now, at this early morning hour, is pulling a blanket off my body in order to begin waking?)

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