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Our modesty (since the birth of our baby) is for us the greatest surprise (after the baby himself). We look at each other (you look at me, I look at you) and say: Surely we will become immodest again. It is a question of time. Our baby grows and grows, and then one day you will become immodest first, or I will become immodest first, or we will both become immodest at the same time. There’s nothing to do about that, we say, but we could try, just as the arising of our modesty was and is a great miracle, to let the arising of our immodesty become an equally great miracle. When our baby looks at us, we worry that maybe now he thinks we lost our modesty long ago, but then he pulls himself up to the shelf next to the couch and reaches with his right hand for your grandmother’s crystal bowl and knocks it to the ground. (The bowl breaks and we say, is this a whole other kind of miracle? Would you have believed that our baby can reach that high up?)

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