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What the child is, is not the baby. The two have a different nature. The difference is not as great as the baby’s difference from us, but it is a basic difference (sometimes we think that babies have no nature of their own, which is why they sometimes seem so vastly withdrawn from us). Thus little children who live in our house come to visit the baby, toy with him, squeeze him, lift him up, carry him around; they neither ask nor hesitate, they are close to the baby and want to be close to him (and for them, being close always means being close with their own bodies); and yet this closeness comes to a sudden end; from one moment to the next the children leave the baby in peace and remove themselves from his sphere. This is something the children can and are permitted to do: to leave the sphere of closeness (they are after all so close to babies). We, the most distant, on the other hand, stay (staying close, after all, is our practice).

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