Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


oder über den Online-Buchhandel

How nonchalantly the baby accepts what we do and what world we live in. A beautiful world, a good world, he has no objection, knows no „againsting.“ He takes whatever comes his way, does not distinguish between useful and useless. His optimism is unbroken, he does not even reject the culture of unhappiness (nor does he have anything against riding in a bus. When we look out the back window, all things vanish as if in a funnel. When we look ahead, past the driver, we are approaching an edgeless plane on which now, now, and now one thing after another arises anew). At the next stop out baby smiles so seductively again. This kind of thing is infectuous: more and more, we find ourselves unwilling to see anything bad or ugly.

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