Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


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Just as animals are strangers to us (insurmountably alien: the closer we get to them the more obvious the alienness), they are quasi intimates to the baby. The animal and the baby come from the same realm, but the baby is not an animal. We encounter the same innocent gaze, a gaze for which we are no match. We cannot look without an ulterior motive (attempting to do so just proves that it is so). But at least we are able to recognize this look in others: Our baby and the dog meeting in aimless coincidence (in front of the bakery , the baby in his stroller, the dog far from his leash), a glance, exultation, loud and silent, two noses bump against each other, dry, wet, we know each other. A small exchange (of what?), and already out of sight. (Should we call back the dog to practice with him?)

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