Das erste Jahr Babybuddha jetzt auf:


oder über den Online-Buchhandel

Again in the rich city, I suggest we dream together. You agree without hesitation and instantly we enter the next coach to the residential palace. Our baby cheers when he sees the two horses, and cheers even more when their manes start flying in the air stream. Arrived at our destination, we decide it would be better to leave our baby with the coachman,for he gives no indication of being in the mood for dreaming. But the horses, I say, how old and exhausted they are, how tired and sullen. At that point you cry and I don’t know why. We wanted to dream and now you are crying, but it is not possible to dream with tears in one’s eyes. How can we ever dream, you sob, if the baby is not with us? What should we do, we shout (at the coachman up in his coachbox, who is trying to put a green hat like the one he is wearing on our baby’s head)? What should we do, since we have only a little time left before the dream ends.

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