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The baby does not wait. What it wants and needs, it wants and needs right away. How different the flow of time must be in his universe! In which we appear as those who fulfill his wishes with astonishing speed. The baby’s impatience surprises us all the more as, again and again, he looks at us as if he were the most patient creature in the world. Naturally we think: If our own wishes were fulfilled that promptly, how relaxed and content we would be. All the vexations of life are due to the fact that wishes are not met immediately. But this evidence now seems dubious to us. Our own ability to wait could be the expression of a fundamental inability to say what we want (do we even know what it is?). Or is it rather that when we wait, we aren’t actually waiting? That our patience isn’t patience at all? Since we can’t be certain of any of this, the best thing will be to wait for the right understanding.

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